Storing and sharing files online definitely has advantages and there are not many people that haven’t heard about DropBox. One of the leading services it is also one of the most risky to use. See below.

There are more secure alternatives that work the same way. The alternatives are more secure and have many other benefits.

Our pick of the best free alternatives to DropBox is You get 5 GB free and it is encrypted on your device so neither DropBox or 3rd parties can access your files. gives end-to-end encryption. That means that all files are encrypted on your computer before being sent across the Internet so no one can decrypt and read your files unless you provide the encryption key to them. The security remains under your control at all times.

We believe Soonr is the best service (NZD $20/month/user for 1 TB) with top of the range security and a massive range of features. It is the best DropBox alternative for Small Business.

Thanks to Mauricio Prinzlau for this table