Datto Workplace is a secure file sharing and collaboration software designed for businesses use. It allows your business files to be accessible anytime, anywhere from any device that has enterprise-grade security so you have peace of mind that your files are on safe hands. You can have total control granting access to specific staff of your choice.

Your files are kept secure in the Tier 3 Australian datacenters located in Sydney and Melbourne ensuring a robust and greater redundancy against failover systems. Your files are encrypted and monitored 24/7, you will be notified of any unusual activity or errors.


  • Soonr secure file sharingMobile Access. Improve productivity through file access and editing through mobile devices; employees save hours every week and can work from anywhere.
  • Always Current. Ensure consistency and avoid errors with a constantly up-to-date file system of important company documents
  • Team Collaboration. Improve customer relationships and close more business through improved sharing
  • Easy. Quick and easy installation and implementation that grows with your business.
  • Secure. Enjoy peace of mind with enterprise grade protection and security with historic uptime.
  • Monitoring. You can be 100% assured that we monitor your systems and will notify you of any possible fault that will happen in the future.
  • Remote Editing. You can create, edit, and save documents across multiple devices such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Automatic Syncing of files. You can relax as files are automatically synced across all your devices.

Datto Workplace Security

Datto Workplace security begins with the design of the system and flows through to the physical security of the servers and the protection of client’s data. You can have peace of mind that your files are very secure and here’s why:

  • Sophisticated Encryption: All traffic is protected with 128-bit encryption of all data transmissions—the same encryption as online banking transactions. If encrypted transmissions are intercepted, the data will appear as meaningless random characters.
  • SSL: Secure Sockets Layer is the current accepted standard for encrypting data transmissions on the web. All communications between the Autotask Workplace Service and your computer will occur with SSL on by default.
  • Password Protection: Connections from computers to the Datto Workplace Service occur though the Datto Workplace Software. The software is password protected and interacts only with the Datto Workplace Service, making it very difficult to redirect information. All communication between mobile phones and the Datto Workplace Service is similarly password protected and is fully encrypted in both directions.
  • Ultimate Control: As a Datto Workplace user, you have the ultimate control. You choose the files that are available and you control who gets access to your files and for how long. Recipients see the files you have shared and nothing else.
  • Superior Virus Scanning: Files are scanned in real time for the presence of viruses. If a virus is detected, the operation ceases immediately. Since incoming data streams are purged immediately if a virus is detected, it is not possible for infected files to be written to the service.
  • Hacker Safe Certification: The service is tested and certified daily for compliance with the Hacker Safe® security standard, the most widely accepted and used assurance of Internet security.
  • VeriSign Secured Certification: Datto Workplace is VeriSign secured for authentication. Certificate details can be displayed by clicking on the VeriSign logo on the homepage.
  • Physical Security: All servers are maintained in highly secured and guarded datacenters. Plans and procedures to cover every aspect of security, ranging from environmental issues through network traffic control, are in place and are regularly reviewed, tested and updated.
  • Firewalls: Firewalls are great for preventing unauthorized access to your computer. Autotask Workplace works with all popular firewalls by only using accepted secure communications ports that are used by Internet browsers.
  • Spyware: The software only responds to the Datto Workplace Service. As such, an errant program cannot take over Datto Workplace and send your information to a malicious recipient.

Cloud Storage Pricing

  • Unlimited storage
  • $75 per month + GST includes 3 user accounts
  • $20 pe rmonth + GST for each additional user
  • Monthly support (optional) $20
  • Share files with unlimited people.

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