SecureMX Mail Scrubbing offers you an Anti-Abuse solution for your email that not only gives you 99.97% protection from Spam & Phishing attacks, but also 100% protection from known viruses.

Our solution from SMX requires no hardware or software, frees up your IT staff, reduces bandwidth usage, increases productivity and most importantly frees your inbox from Spam, Virus & Phishing attacks over night.

We offer you a 15 day Free Trial of the SecureMX Mail Scrubbing solution. Only if you are 100% happy with our service will you be invoiced past the 15-day period.

No software or hardware required. SMX SecureMX Mail Scrubbing protects your mail server at the network layer requiring no hardware or software to be installed at your end.

No up front costs. With no software or hardware to install the solution requires no up front capital investment. In fact we make it even easier for you by offering you a 15 day Free Trial of the service.

Quick & Easy to Implement. We can have you provisioned and running in less than an hour without any hassles.

Save bandwidth costs. By cleaning your email traffic from Spam & Virus before it comes down the pipe and hits your border, you will see an immediate reduction in bandwidth usage.

Free up your time. SecureMX Mail Scrubbing is a fully managed service. You avoid having to upgrade, patch or maintain a solution. With one less thing to worry about you can now concentrate on more high value areas.

Increase productivity. With Spam & Virus no longer clogging your mailboxes and no quarantine management, SecureMX Mail Scrubbing not only frees up time but also increases the overall productivity of the entire organisation.

Virus free. With email borne viruses no longer quarantined within your network and stopped even before it gets to your border, the chance of your network being infected is nearly Zero.

Costs. SMX charges you for the number of people using email within your organisation and not number of mailboxes. There is no minimum number of users you need to pay for.