28+ years gives us the practical experience to help you.  We have a unique blend of expertise and experience that enables us to provide you with successful and affordable IT services. Service is the key to our success – friendly and flexible. We provide an honest, genuine service and we are jargon-free. We don’t just say this – we live it. See the proof here.

How are we different?

  • We earn trust through integrity, loyalty, and professional competence. Honest commitment to our clients’ interests over time has led to trust-based truly win/win relationships. We have developed successful long-term relationships with our clients spanning 28+ years. Knowing your business and needs so well, we can maximise the value we deliver to you – saving you time and money. You have direct access to David, the owner.
  • We understand your needs. We believe a key to finding appropriate solutions for you is to first clearly and accurately assess your issues and needs by listening to you. We are easily approachable, non-threatening and take a collaborative method.
  • Robust, quality, and affordable solutions customised to your exact needs. We create solid, reliable, and high-quality solutions that meet and exceed your expectations while fitting your budget. We are small business specialists and know what works. We have vast experience in selecting the appropriate solution for you.
  • Broad experience. We work with clients in a diverse range of industries (small NGOs to Government), so have developed a broad range of experience and awareness of client needs.
  • We give you value for money and peace of mind. You can avoid the complexity and extra costs in dealing with multiple providers. You benefit from our no-nonsense approach to IT which provides you with greater synergies and efficiencies. Our experience in project management ensures your solution is delivered on time and on budget.
  • We guarantee our work. Our work is covered by a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee.

We know what we are doing and love doing it.

We work with diverse people including Not-for-profit and NGOs, many small businesses, Central, Regional and Local Government, and national industry associations. Areas we work in include environmental, electricity, roading, entertainment, real estate, travel, health, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, engineering, education, water and waste and finance.

See some testimonials from our delighted clients.

Service, approachability, expertise.

  • You have to experience our outstanding service. Top-notch service is paramount to us in everything we do. We make working with us a delightful and enjoyable experience. This is one key reason we are still in business after so many years.
  • We are friendly and approachable. We love what we do and enjoy working with our clients. We want to see you succeed – we are not just in it for the money, we want you to get results. We are passionate about helping your business grow.
  • You come to us for expertise – and we deliver it – but not in a technical geeky kind of way. We speak your language and are on your level. We don’t make you feel stupid. No question is too simple, we encourage them. It is important we have this communication and trust so we can really understand your issues and provide solutions. We are fast and efficient – saving you time and money.
  • We have experience with very small and large clients in all sorts of industries dealing with all sorts of problems. We know what works and what has worked for others. We know what will work for you, we provide options and discuss the benefits of each with you so together we can make the best decision.

We are flexible in our own delivery methods to respond to changing clients needs. We are a team of consultants who have worked together between 16-28+ years under the direction of David Allan, the director. This flexibility allows us to deliver you cost-effective services and meet clients changing needs. We don’t all work from the same office these days but are connected by cloud-based systems. Thanks to COVID-19 most businesses now understand the benefits of this.


David Allan, Director/Business Owner

David established the business in the early 90′s and has been trusted by clients to support them and their businesses ever since. David will listen to you and suggest appropriate options from his extensive experience over the past 28+ years.

David graduated with a B.Com from Auckland University in 1994 and understands business. He has a diverse background in the information technology industry so can help you work through sometimes confusing options and suggest clear, appropriate solutions to solve your problems and grow your business.

David has a unique blend of expertise including project management, database and web technologies and has been right through a generation of IT. David understands clients’ business needs as well as technology, so can effectively ensure you end up with a quality, affordable system that meets your every need.

David designed and developed his first commercial Access databases in 1992 which managed nation-wide road marking certifications, counselling and waste sector systems. These databases are still in use on a daily basis today. In 1994 David began working with web technologies.

The business has managed to consistently deliver an outstanding level of service while maintaining a small, effective team of trusted consultants. This has been one of their successes as they are flexible and react fast to client’s changing needs. David has remained at the coalface working directly with clients to ensure an excellent service is delivered every time. Customer satisfaction is paramount.

David enjoys seeing successful developments time after time and the joy and significant benefits they bring to clients. It is this that motivates him to remain so involved with the business.

With businesses well versed in working remotely these days, David often works remotely from Laos volunteering at a charity school maintaining  IT systems and training Lao teachers in educational computing skills.

What does InfoAge mean?

David thought of the name InfoAge, pronounced “info-age” based on the words Information Age, which was often referred to back in the 90’s when he established the consulting business. The relatively recent field of information technology (compared with other periods) concerns the use of computer-based information systems to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information. Technological advances in this field have changed lives around the world and spawned new industries. As we implement such systems for businesses like yours, we thought the name InfoAge was appropriate to represent the Information Age we now live in.

While we’re pondering these things, did you ever wonder where the Internet came from?

Well, the Internet was originally conceived as a distributed, fail-proof network that could connect computers together and be resistant to any point of failure. It was created mainly by United States Department of Defence and its initial software applications were email and computer file transfer. It was with the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989 that the Internet really took off as a global network. 5 years later InfoAge started building websites. Today, the Internet has become the ultimate place to accelerate the flow of relevant information and the fastest-growing form of media.