Do you wished you had a cloud server or a replica of your system in sync in a different city but can’t afford such a system? Well if you are a small business you should consider Workplace as your cloud server system.

Autotask Workplace has bought out Soonr – a file syncing and sharing (or business cloud storage) solution. We have been providing the service for a number of years from an Australian data centre.

It works similar to Dropbox but is much easier to use, robust and secure. You open and save files on your computer and a copy is available in the cloud instantly and on your mobile devices.

Unlike competitors (such as Dropbox and OneDrive), Workplace offers integrated Mobile Document Management (known as MDM) and device security from a secure data centre in Australia. Australia has very similar sovereignty and privacy laws to NZ – an important consideration when selecting a cloud based storage solution.

Admins can add or remove staff or contractors from accessing the cloud, making sure data remains under company control when a device is lost or stolen—or an employee leaves the company.


Control Members in Autotask


Here’s a closer look at Autotask Workplace features and capabilities:

Strong security

In today’s world, security is more important than ever before, because of:

  • Hackers
  • Theft
  • Data loss

On-the-road access to files and documents

If you’re on the road to meet clients or attend a meeting, make sure all the necessary files are at your fingertips.

Share files securely with external users

Sending contracts, presentation or spreadsheets to clients and coworkers is common practice these days. The traditional way of sending emails is risky and cumbersome.

Out-of-network document access

Accessing documents, even if you’re not inside your company’s network, can be difficult at times.

Relying on VPN or FTP for remote access

VPN and FTP aren’t very user friendly and may be unreliable, especially when dealing with large files.

Plans & Pricing

To understand why Autotask Workplace’s pricing is good, one needs to dive into why other vendors seem to offer so much more storage. The majority of vendors with extremely generous storage quota put certain limitations on:

  • file size (ranging from 2GB to 10GB)
  • amount of files that can be synced (some limitations start to kick in after 100K files, some after 3M depending on the plan)
  • file versions (services that offer loads of storage usually count file versions against that quota, you can either limit the versions created of a file which is not ideal, or upgrade to a much more expensive plan)


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