NZpostSecurity scams are big business these days. One such ‘phishing’ email very wide spread in New Zealand is made to look like it is from NZ Post and you have a parcel waiting.

It says NZ post will keep it for 7 days and then start charging you $2.49 NZD every hour to keep it. Details vary, some emails have differing amounts per hour.

This a phishing email designed to gather personal information from customers. Our advice to anyone who receives this email is to delete it, and not to click on the link contained in the email.

Ways to tell this is a scam:

  • if you weren’t expecting a parcel then that will probably make you be wary.
  • it is very rare anyone will ever ask you to enter personal details into a website and if you are asked, you should check and investigate further before doing so.
  • never go to an important website using a link, such as your bank. Instead type in the address of your bank’s web site yourself.
  • if you think an email seems like a scam never click a link in it.
  • look for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • if in doubt, pick up the phone and call the company (using their number you find yourself, not the one in the email you have received).