So it is 2017 and you have a mountain of things to get done…

When I think about how I help the people I work with, it is all about helping them get things done.

I myself are highly organised and lucky to understand systems, so I have great systems to help me manage all the things I have to get done. This is what I share and setup with those I work with.

The most common areas I help in, are giving advise and options, how to use your existing systems better (a few hours of consulting usually). Some people I setup with cloud or web-based tools that are simple and affordable to use. Some of my favourite tools are below – many are free and easy to trial or use!

Some organisations need slightly larger systems like Intranets or a website, or a contact manager or database system to manage the information they work with.

There are a lot of simple and inexpensive (or free) tools available. If you are struggling to keep on top of things or wish you could get more done, give me a call and ask me how I can help you.

Check out many of my favourite tools to help you get more things some and work smarter.