2020 saw a rapid move to more cloud platforms for many New Zealand businesses, and businesses over the world. Much of this was done in haste with little planning as businesses rushed to move to remote working on an unprecedented scale.

IDC says 34% of New Zealand businesses surveyed would continue to work primarily from home following the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. 2021 is focused on providing this ability in a sustainable, affordable and enjoyable way.

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing for HR?

Luckily for InfoAge clients, they have had the ability to remotely work for the last 10 years. Whether it’s fully cloud based or even a private server accessible securely from staff homes for files, email and databases. We have even provided cloud-VOIP telephone systems for many years meaning when it came to working form home nothing had to change.

With our history in helping businesses be prepared for the unexpected (dating back to our extensive work done in 1999-2000) for the millennium Y2K, remember that?, we have always provided sound business advice to ensure IT systems could support changing small-medium business needs.

Today our most popular cloud services for home and small business are Cloud File Server (like Dropbox but secure) and secure encrypted online backup. However we also have customers on a fully cloud based desktop and databases.

IDC predicts by the end of 2021 60% of New Zealand enterprises will put a mechanism in place to shift to cloud-centric infrastructure and applications twice as fast as before the pandemic.

If your business needs advice or affordable, reliable cloud-based solutions, get in touch with us.