Improve effectiveness and efficiency

Well designed databases bring together all your critical information enabling you to manage your data better and use it to its full potential. A professionally designed database is a powerful business tool that will save you significant time, grief and money.

  • Experienced database developers
  • We can help you find a cloud CRM or tailor a database for your business

We can provide the appropriate database solution to meet your exact needs. We listen to you and understand your unique requirements and only then source or create a database to support your goals creating efficiency and cos-savings with payback in a short period of time.

Save time and be more efficient

If you are doing repetitive tasks manually, you know this time can be spent doing more productive tasks. Databases completely transform your department making it efficient, less costly and giving you the edge over your competitors.

Your database will reduce your overheads as the time and labour currently spent will be massively reduced. Your database is an investment now into the future and payback of the initial investment is usually only 6-12 months.

We design and build easy to use (and easy to manage) databases and provide excellent on-going reliable, prompt support to keep you running.


Customised databases (or CRM systems) are usually less expensive than off the shelf solutions and unlike off the shelf software (that require compromise), a tailored database will provide you with exactly what you need. You will wonder how you ever managed before, we promise! You can get an integrated database that will save you time and empower your business.

Costs are depending on the scope/scale, complexity and technology used. Ask us for an initial estimate, we’ll meet with you to listen to your goals and provide.

We provide a free database consultation to listen to your needs and provide a free estimate.

Our process

To ensure a database / CRM is created that meets your exact needs, we prefer to use proven, rapid methodologies to foster effective database design and ensure a successful project. This process identifies your requirements, enabling a well designed database to be developed which fully meets your objectives. There is no wastage, we get it right the first time. This sets a solid foundation for your system and ensures it will last for many years providing an excellent on-going return on your investment.

The process is simple, we guide you all the way and it works. We make it easy and understandable for you with no geek speak.

We start by meeting with you in a series of 2-3 hour meeting to discuss exact details, we price the design and build and once approved, development as per the spec begins. It is an efficient, pain-less experience for you.

We also provide prompt, outstanding ongoing database support services.

Government database experience

We have provided database services to:

  • Ministry of Education
  • Independent Police Conduct Authority
  • Creative New Zealand
  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Ministry of Health
  • Auckland Council