We have worked with Microsaoft Access since 1991. We still havce clients using Access databases systems we built in the mid 1990’s – they have been well looked after. We can upgrade and maintain systems over time so you get maximim payback fomm your database and it can support your business for many years, even as it growns.

Access is low cost (or free), easily modified and efficient. You don’t need servers and the database developer can easily update it remotely and install update without interruption. Microsoft Access is perfect and affordable for New Zealand small businesses.

We can help you with:

  • Database consulting and advice on Access Database options
  • Database installation and configuration
  • Trouble-shooting your Access database
  • Splitting your Access database for sharing on a network with other users
  • Tracking down the locations of your database files and system maintenance
  • Expanding or enhancing your existing database system
  • Adding new fields, tables, forms and reports to an existing Access database
  • Converting your Access database to a newer MS Access version
  • Setting your database up under runtime and distributing it to others for free
  • Performing regular preventative maintenance on your database to keep it in check and optimised
  • Modifying your database to ensure it runs as quickly as possible and it maintains the integrity of your data
  • Performing data cleansing of your data
  • Migrating data from other systems into your Access database (data conversion, including data importing and exporting)
  • Access Database training
  • Database backup and disaster recovery planning and services

Please contact us to help you with your Access database needs. We offer a free no-obligation consultation.