Free Business Health Check

What is our free IT Health Check?

The purposes of a health check is to identify ways you can save money, use existing or new systems better and protect your business from risks. We assess if you are systems are safeguarding your information and give you free advice on how you can improve and solve any issues.

The Process

save moneyWe will sit with you for approx. 45 minutes and discuss with you a series of questions covering any issues, problems and where you wished your IT systems were performing better. We also cover security, how you manage and protect your client information and communication etc. The idea is to give you a clearer picture of what is working well for you, any risk areas and what you might need to consider in the coming years (replacement equipment etc).

We will finish the Audit in about 60 minutes. We then evaluate the information we have collected and prepare a report for you which usually takes a week.

Our report will include issues we found and options for you to address areas of concern. We will prioritise our recommendations so you have a current and objective picture of your situation, allowing you to make decisions and take the action necessary.

To request for a free IT health check, please complete the form on the right side. David will be in touch with you shortly afterwards.