Data backup should be the least of your worries. online cloud backup free trial new zealandRunning a business is hard enough without having to worry about managing daily backups for your laptops, PCs, and servers. Works with Windows and Mac.

Our Online Backup eliminates manual backup hassles. Best of all, it lets you relax knowing your data is always safe and instantly retrievable.

Online cloud backup starts at $20 a month + GST. Secure, quality , New Zealand based storage is not cheap but you need to know your backup will be available in time of need. We believe this is the best value cloud backup solution in NZ.

Your data is stored in New Zealand

Cloud-based backup has matured and our online backup solution is fully encrypted before it leaves your computer giving you peace of mind.

The backup software uploads only the changed pieces of a modified file, making it possible to backup very large files on a daily basis with minimal data usage.

Your data is stored in Auckland providing you with protection under NZ law and complete peace of mind.

Our Online Backup is thoroughly automated, totally secure and encrypted, and always reliable. We provide online backup services, data replication and data restoration from Orcon datacentres in Auckland and Christchurch.

Benefits of your online backup system

  • Online cloud backup services and softwareAutomated and scalable backup. You can easily set the backup to automatically run at your desired time.
  • Daily monitoring. Your data is secure and fully monitored 24/7 and notifications are sent if your backup is successful or failed. You know it’s working!
  • Fully scalable. Eliminates hardware and IT infrastructure costs. You are only paying for what you are using and you can increase or decrease your data usage whenever you want.
  • Highest level of security. Your data is located in the Orcon datacentre in Auckland and is replicated to their datacentre in Christchurch for increased security and reliability. Data is compressed, encrypted and securely transmitted to the datacentres.
  • Instant data recovery. You can instantly recover any files or folders that were accidentally deleted.

Online backup plan options and pricing

PlanStorageMonthly Fee (ex GST)
55 GB$20
2525 GB$55
5050 GB$90
100100 GB$165
150150 GB$215
200200 GB$275
300300 GB$385
*All Prices exclude GST and installation cost. installation cost approx $150+GST.
Includes daily monitoring and support to ensure your backup has successfully run.
Have you considered moving your files to a secure cloud storage solution?

Get started

  • Call us to discuss benefits and clarify any questions
  • We assess the space you require
  • We create an account and install backup software (in person or remotely)
  • We configure the backup software on your computer(s)
  • We will do an initial backup via harddrive for large data or upload for small plans
  • We confirm all has worked and switch your backup to online mode
  • You can sleep easy knowing your data is securely offsite with regular confirmation reports.

5 backup Tips

  • Plan for the worst case scenario – no matter how unlikely that may seem
  • Backup regularly and keep multiple copies made over a period of time
  • Encrypt or password protect your backups to ensure privacy
  • Store your backups ‘offsite’ or in different locations to spread the risk – online backup is great for this
  • Restore some data occasionally to ensure your backups work

New Zealand Government Acts may affect how you do your backup.

  • Companies Act 1993
  • Electronic Transactions Act 2002
  • Financial Reporting Act 1993
  • Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996
  • Goods and Services Tax Act 1985
  • Income Tax Act 2007
  • Public Audit Act 2001
  • Public Finance Act 1989
  • Reserve Bank Act 1989
  • Securities Act 1978
  • Tax Administration Act 1994

The Inland Revenue Department in New Zealand released an alert named RE 10/02 on December 12th 2010 relating to the use of Cloud Computing and storage of business data. To extract the relevant section, the alert warns New Zealand businesses; “It is the Commissioner’s view that only business records stored in datacentres physically located in New Zealand will comply with the record keeping obligations in the Inland Revenue Acts. Taxpayers are responsible for ensuring they comply with their record keeping obligations. Therefore, taxpayers using a cloud computing service will need to be satisfied that all their business records will be stored in datacentres located in New Zealand”.

This means businesses using a cloud based accounting solution or storage of business financial data in an storage location outside of New Zealand is technically in breach of IRD regulations.

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