Do you need help logging into your My Health Record and getting your My vaccine Pass? I can help you and have it all done and ready to go in approx 30 minutes.

It is a complicated process for many people.

To get your Vaccine Pass, first you will need to create a My Health Account, which allows you to access your health information online. You need to create an account using your email, this can be the first hurdle. You then need to provide one of the following documents so we can confirm your identity. Driver licence, passport, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate.

Then you need to go to the My Covid Record and in the ‘Passes and certificates’ section, select ‘Request pass or certificate’.
You need to enter the email address that your vaccine pass should be sent to and select ‘Request pass’. A confirmation screen will appear.
You should get an email with your pass within 24 hours. Once you have this you need to either have Apple Wallet or Google Pay on your phone and install the pass into either of these. This is the largest hurdle for most people.

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If you need help, I can meet with you and do all this for you. Simply give David a call on 0275 22 22 22 and arrange a time. Cost approx $75 including travel in Tauranga.