Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to receive and make telephone calls using VDSL or Fibre instead of your standard phone line.


You can gain so many benefits from using VoIP over your standard phone line and you have much more flexibility and control with VoIP. The list goes on but let us highlight the major benefits that can help you decide to move to a VoIP solution:

  • Save Money. The cost of using VoIP is much cheaper compared to using conventional phone because it takes advantage of your internet connection and there is no need for any hardware installation. Calling is also cheaper compared to your standard phone lines – for most users it will be free.
  • No Geographical Boundaries. You can have local access numbers in multiple geographic areas which are treated as local calls so it gets rid of any long distance calls cost. Since your phone line is connected to the internet, you can make and receive calls just about anywhere in the world as long you have an internet connection.
  • Increased Flexibility and Mobility. You can receive faxes to your email and remote tele or video conference over the Internet. You can have calls ring on your phone and mobile or divert to mobile or another number if the first number is not answered. Setup an auto attendant or queue to direct calls where you want them. Connect your home or remote workers to your phone system to allow people to work from anywhere and receive and make calls from your office system.
  • Superior Call Quality. VoIP solutions can provide superior call quality over traditional services as they have the provision to support high definition audio codecs unlike the traditional phone line.
  • VoIP is the future, future-proof yourself. VoIP is the future of telephony.
  • Disaster Recovery. Simply plug your phone or computer into your new or temporary locations and your phone will simply work. No traditional phone lines to rewire and move.


Locate Me / One numberWhen you receive a call your home phone, work phone and mobile can all ring simultaneously
Call ForwardingSetup your calls to forward when you are on the phone or if you do not answer
Hunt GroupCreate a hunt group so that other numbers are then tried for incoming calls
Call QueuingSend callers to a call queue while your agents are busy.
Caller ID & Rejection OptionsOptions associated with Caller ID and whether to accept anonymous or blacklisted callers
Call Screening OptionsChoose whether to screen all or just anonymous incoming calls
Speed DialProgram 8 speed dial numbers so you can quickly make calls by entering a single digit
Dial by NameCan’t remember a phone number? Dial the person’s name using the alphabetic digits 2-9 on your keypad and the system will automatically search your contacts for the number
Last Number RedialYou can dial *66 to redial the last number you called. Select your confirmation options here
Call ReturnYou can dial *69 to dial the last number that called you. Select your confirmation options here
Call RecordingSetup your call recording options for all your inbound and outbound calls are automatically recorded or not
ConferencingYou can create a conference to talk with others at the same time
Call TransfersDuring a call you can transfer the other person to a new number by dialling #0 for an attended transfer or ## for a blind transfer
Caller Tunes & Hold MusicUpload your own MP3’s to replace ringing when people call you and setup your own music on hold
Extension DiallingSetup a short extension number for each line on your account to dial your numbers more quickly
Time SchedulesChange the default settings for time schedules such as your hours of work and available hours
0800/0508 NumbersYou can set up 0800 or 0508 numbers.
Global NumbersYou can get a local number for Australia, Canada, USA, UK, and Europe.You can a toll free number for Australia, Canada, USA, and UK.

Plan Details

$99 per month + GST.

Includes: 5 lines, 6000 min local calls and 2000 min international calls. Mobile minute bundles available.

  • $10 per month + GST for 100 mobile minute bundle
  • $40 per month + GST for 500 mobile minute bundle
  • $70 per month + GST for 1000 mobile minute bundle
  • Customised plans available.
ex GSTincl GST
Local2c / min3c / min
National3c / min 3.45c / min
Mobile19c / min21.85c / min
0800 National Inbound5c / min5.75c / min
0800 NZ Mobile Inbound19c / min21.85c / min

One off-costs

  • Setup $150+GST per hour..
  • Porting numbers $35 each.
  • Purchase of handsets or you can use free software phones on your PC or mobile handset.

Plan Destinations

Minutes included can be used to these countries:

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Mobile, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Brunei Mobile, Canada, Chile, China, China Mobile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, HongKong, HongKong Mobile, Hungary, Iceland, India, India Mobile, Ireland (Republic), Israel , Italy, Japan, South Korea, South Korea Mobile, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mariana Island, Mariana Island Mobile, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Mobile, Romania, Singapore, Singapore Mobile, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Thailand Mobile, United Kingdom, USA, Vatican City, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (USA)

*Unless ‘Mobile’ is specified the destinations refer to a landline number in that country.

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Able to be used with any fixed, mobile or wireless broadband network, we provide a reliable, highly scalable, secure and future proof solution that can be rapidly deployed.

  • Hosted PBX functionality
  • SIP Trunking – Presence and BLF
  • Call Centre functionality including Queuing, Auto Attendant & Reception Console
  • Call recording with cloud storage and CDR integration
  • Web collaboration and conferencing
  • Fax to email, Email to Fax
  • SMS, SIP MESSAGE – Mobile OTT Solutions
  • TLS and Secure RTP for encrypted SIP signalling and media

Carrier Services

  • Origination and Termination
  • Numbers – USA, CA, NZ, AU, UK, Europe, Asia
  • Number Portability
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Integration with wholesale Carrier Services


  • Full feature enhanced hosted VoIP services including Hunting, Queuing, Sim Ring, Screening, Auto Attendant, CLI – manipulation, Call pickup, Remote Access, Time of day rules, customised prompts and more.
  • Reception Console Web Application
  • Call recording with real time call records and cloud storage
  • Internet voicemail and IMAP/Qutlook integration
  • Fax to email, Email to fax
  • Web, Video and Audio Collaboration and conferencing Billing
  • Real time call records
  • Pre and post paid billing
  • Ability to define rates, charges and bill cycles
  • Invoicing/Statements – Payments processing – credit card and direct credit Portals and Software Apps – Softphone Apps – Android, Apple (105), Windows, MAC CAP (Carrier Admin Portal) Device Provisioning
  • Auto provisioning of customer devices including Linksys, Cisco, Polycom devices – ISDN/557 Integration – MTP2 (Q.703), MTP3 (Q.704), ISUP (Q.76x), Multiple linksets, Clustering, ANSI and ITU standards
  • Standards – SIP (RFC 3261,3262,3263,3264,3265,3325,3428,3581,4566,2976)
  • Media: G.711 (RFC 3551), G.729 (RFC 4749), G.722 (RFC 3047), H.261 (RFC 4587), H.263 (RFC 4629,2429), H.264 (RFC 3984), MPEG-4 (RFC 3016), iLBC (RFC 3951,3952), GSM, G.726 and others (RFC 3550,3551,4733, 2833,4103 3389) PSTN Interworking (RFC 3398,3578,3960,4497)
  • Other (RFC 3323,3311,2976,3420,3515,3891,3892,3842,3856,4235,3863) [/toggle] [/accordian]