So what are the risks with DropBox file-sharing and why is not not your best choice for business use or if you are concerned about security?

DropBox like many systems began in a college dorm. With its basic abilities and ability to sync it has found mass adoption by consumers. But Essentially it is still a simple sync tool.

DropBox is aimed at single user use with minimal security and limited functionality. Often risk-conscious users or businesses require the ability to manage security and sharing, know where their data is and have better more comprehensive access to online storage on desktops and mobile devices.

A file sharing solution that works like DropBox but has been built with security and business needs in mind is a better, more reliable and secure alternative to DropBox or similar consumer products.

Below are some things to consider when choosing a secure file sharing service:

  • DropBox can’t often get through business firewalls.
  • You cannot email DropBox for support.
  • You cannot find out there your DropBox data is. DropBox relies on 3rd parties increasing the risk of security breaches. See just how many security breaches DropBox has had.
  • You cannot encrypt your data using separate keys form other DropBox users which poses a security risk.
  • The DropBox service has regular outages making your files unavailable.
  • DropBox doesn’t allow you to create secure public links through password
    protection, expiration timers, and PDF download policies.
  • You can’t edit documents on your phone or tablet.
  • You cannot keep versions in DropBox older than 30 days.
  • You can’t customise the sharing site with your own logo for improved user experience.
  • With DropBox you cannot implement secure password polices.

Ask for a free trial of a secure file sharing system that will blow your mind.