Not all IT consultants work (or care about you) the same way. We say we are different because we will listen to you, don’t make you feel stupid and we find out what you really need.

But how do we know we are good at this? Our business manager did a survey. We asked what they don’t like about IT consultants and here is what they said.

“I wish they would find out what I really want (not take for granted that I want the same as everyone else they’ve dealt with).”

“They try to sell us what they think we need rather than finding out what we need.”

“Fix things instead of showing us how to fix or correct it. Sometimes we want something basic and receive something over the top.”

“When they do turn up, not listening clearly, seemingly fixing the problem without testing and then racing off without explaining what went wrong in the first place and how to avoid it happening again. ”

“When fixing 1 problem, they create another.”

“Stop telling me that I can access them online when I am trying to get an Online problem solved because I cannot get online.”

They said lots of other things about IT consultants too:

  • they don’t listen
  • they speak too much jargon
  • they don’t turn up
  • they try to push their own products

We are different. We listen to what you need. Here is what a survey of our clients said about InfoAge.

IT Consultant - how we are unique and different
David Allan, Business Owner.

“They listen and understand our business needs and offer appropriate and affordable solutions”

“We have found David to be exceptionally good at understanding our business needs and creating
the solutions required. ”

“They’ve been good to work with, understood our needs and charged a realistic fee. ”

“Had we known about InfoAge sooner we could have saved ourselves a lot of grief! Your patience, understanding and interpretation of our needs has been exceptional due to
our niche industry.”

“Quick to pick up on what is required, happy to answer queries quickly and are very good to deal with.”

We find out what you really need. We are also pretty good at:

  • avoiding jargon,
  • not making you feel stupid,
  • being up-front about costs and
  • doing what we promise.

Get in contact and let’s see how we can help you.