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Affordable, Reliable and Easy to use web-based video conference software

InfoAge provides web video conference solutions for your online meetings and presentations. We offer a free web video conference solution and a paid solution giving you better ease of use and phone in ability.

Options 1: Free Web Video Conference option

This option is absolutely free. You have to enter your name and email and a PIN as below. The system is clearly designed and easy to use but the free version has some disadvantages (see below).


The next screen gives you a temporary number and link to join the conference.



  • The link you need to send to people may change
  • The telephone number may change
  • The number is a mobile number which incurs costs to call
  • Because of the temporary nature of the free conference room it might be difficult to coordinate conferences with guests and be difficult or confusing to use

Option 2: Paid Web Video Conference option 

This option uses the same easy to use system but provides you with:

  • A local number eg. 04 123 4567 or 09 123 4567
  • A permanent web link that you can place on your web page, desktop or send to people as the web link always remains the same.
  • A very simple way for moderators and visitors to access the page and login
  • You can schedule future conferences

This is the easy to access login screen (it just required a Name and the PIN – making it hassle-free for your guests).








  • Monthly Fee: $65
  • Setup Fee:    $185

* You can select 1) a New Zealand toll free number or 2) a regional number from any area in New Zealand or Australia.
* Excluding GST. Based on 12 month contract.