Online Cloud backup


Cloud File Backup New Zealand data centreThe backup software is designed to provide efficient backups reliably over a broadband circuit or better.

We provide online backup services, data replication and data restoration from New Zealand data centres in Auckland and Christchurch. Your online backup works seamlessly in the background. Once configured, it quietly runs without any intervention from you giving you a regular and reliable off-site backup. Your data is monitored 24/7 giving you peace of mind that your data is secure and encrypted.

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Local Automated Backup to hard drive

local_backupStorageCraft® ShadowProtect® provides fast and reliable backup, data protection, disaster recovery and system migration for Windows desktops and servers.

ShadowProtect Desktop is an automated backup software that works quietly in the background. In the event of a data loss or complete hardware failure, its flexible recovery options allow you to do a complete system recovery or recovery of selected files in a matter of minutes.

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Disaster Recovery (DR)

business_continuity_planning_fireWe know the unfortunate damages and interruptions the earthquakes in Christchurch caused businesses but how would your business cope? How would you work if disaster stuck and you couldn’t access your office? Would you need access to files and information to keep working? How long can you survive with no email – or no phone?

Not having a plan can cost you thousands, risk your reputation or even put you out of business.

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